Autumn & Winter 2021

2021 AW WNDERKAMMER’s muse is Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Carolyn, who has an instinctive fit and a clever sense of making herself look more beautiful through moderation, was John F. Kennedy Jr.'s lover, Boston University talented person, and Calvin Klein marketer. With this shining background, She created a style called "the legendary fashion icon of minimalism in the 1990’s.“ This season, when think of Carolyn, who seems to be alive somewhere, a scene from director Spike Jonze’s short film [I'm here] is overlapped. It is a scene in which Francesca, who suddenly appeared to Sheldon, posted a paper with the words "I am here" all over the street. This collection of WNDERKAMMER reinterpreted her style, imagining Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy still in the middle of somewhere.